Finalist films 2023 – Season 5

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I, Adonis

Nicky’s world revolves around fitness, with the goal of getting bigger and stronger. But when hidden childhood memories emerge, Nicky starts losing control and his body obsession sets off in an unhealthy direction.

Angelo Raaijmakers Director
Angelo Raaijmakers Writer
Ellen Havenith Producer
Joris Bulstra Director of Photography
Hein van Rooij, Dennis van Beusekom, Jolanda van den Berg Key Cast



The short film “Mirrors” by award-winning director Paul Jerndal is showing Anis don Demina, Cecilia von Der Esch and Danny Saucedo as they meet their mirror images and their worst self-critical thoughts. Mirrors aim to draw attention to mental health and the importance of daring to share feelings and thoughts.

Paul Jerndal Director
Kim Nehzaty Producer
Joel Humlén Music
Johan Helmer Dop
Cecilia von der Esch, Danny Saucedo, Anis don Demina Key Cast
Melinda Urbansdotter Set Design
Daniel Keith Gaffer
Paul Jerndal Editors
Simon Vallin Editors
Paul Jerndal Writer
Martin Mighetto Sound Design


The Days

In this emotional short film artist Sandro Cavazza (Aviciis friend) is having a conversation with himself about his emotions that led to ending his career as an artist.

Paul Jerndal Director
Sandro Cavazza Key Cast
Kim Nehzaty Producer
Johan Palm Cinematographer


Words like violence

Three dancers are in the same room, but each in their own space. Each character shows glimpses of who she is and how they relate to a monologue-soundtrack that can be heard throughout the movie. For everyone the relationship with the text and the words are different. Gradually the voice breaks down, words tumble and meanings are lost. This has an impact on the dancers and the way they move. The tensions within the relationship with the voice come to a climax and something breaks. The dancers are free to move, free from words and semantic meaning. They breath and move as one organism and find ways to communicate in chaos and disharmony. The language moves to the background and loses its presence and impact. What remains is pure movement.

Arjan Gebraad Director
Arjan Gebraad Writer
Arjan Gebraad Producer
Raïfa Bazzi, Tegest Pecht Guido, Anna Zurkirchen Key Cast
Kiki Henger DOP, Edit, Colourist
Luke Dean Soundtrack


Living In A Bubble


When two strangers feel isolated in the big city, they soon realise that their imagination is able to bring them anywhere they would like to go, despite all the obstacles of modern society.

Who says it is easy to live in our modern world? Aren’t we all a bit isolated in different ways? “Living in a bubble” tells the story of two strangers, who live in the bubble they created for themselves, which doesn’t allow them to connect to anything or anyone.

Through their imagination and willpower however, they manage to break out of their isolation and open themselves up to the world. They find that there is much more out there than they would have thought and nature can be found in the most unexpected places.

If we have enough courage to change our ways, we can re-discover what it feels like to be alive. Against all odds, miracles are still possible- if only we believe in them.

German Films Quarterly:

Natalie MacMahon Director
Nikola Drvoshanov Director
Natalie MacMahon Writer
Natalie MacMahon Producer


Caroline on the roof

On National Day, a woman neglected for too long by those around her decides to desperately draw attention to herself.

Alejandro Bordier Director
Alejandro Bordier Writer
Jesus Gonzalez Calach Films Producer
Eugenie Anselin Key Cast



1994, Rwanda. As the civil war rages, Bazigaga takes in a father and daughter hunted by the militia.

Jo Ingabire Moys Director
Jo Ingabire Moys Writer
Boris Mendza Producer
Gaël Cabouat Producer
Sonia Tardif d’Hamonville Producer
Valentin Leblanc Producer
Delphine Duez Producer
Stéphanie Charmail Producer
Eliane Umuhire, Roger Noël Ineza, Maély Mahavande, Ery Nzaramba Key Cast
Audrey Ismaël Composer



After a violent incident, a young woman calls the police on her brother who suffers from manic depression, hoping they can finally provide a solution.

Adi Nagar Director
Adi Nagar Writer
Adi Nagar Producer
Noam Avisror, Shahar Mor Haim, Vered Daniel Amir, Miriam Mimi Gotsdiner Key Cast
Daniel Abergel, Aviv Nachshon Cinematographer
Aviv Nachshon Editor
Elad Dvortchin Sound Design
Hagit Ambar Executive Producer


Bury The Hatchet

June 1976 a day before the Soweto Uprising. Two brothers argue if one should join the historical protestor not. The argument turns into an emotional confession as their father attempts to give his sons’ perspective in their argument. Will the brothers join the protest and fight for what is right or stay home and be safe with family

Siya Xaba Director
Thulani Khaya Xaba Writer
Siya Xaba,Thulani Khaya Xaba Producer
Thulani Khaya Xaba, Wonder Ndlovu, Ndabenhle KaLinda Nsele, Siya Xaba Key Cast



When a guest is enthusiastically welcomed into her hosts’ immaculate home, she is inspired to reciprocate with an unexpected introduction to her own world. The result is a surreal and often absurd navigation through familiarity and estrangement, observed through mannerisms and habits, which serve as a metaphor for the fabric connecting and dividing individuals. GUEST is a short film that mixes genres, blending dance, absurd comedy and drama with the inclusion of dialogue in the native languages of the cast.
The humor of an unexpected visit turns surreal as the guest takes the host into her world.

Regina Hofmanova Director
Regina Hofmanova Writer
Regina Hofmanova, Barbora Červenková, Renata Weidlichová Producer
Daniele Iemolo, Ivona Szantová Key Cast
Radek Loukota DOP
Šárka Sklenářová Editor
Renata Weidlichová design and costumes
Regina Hofmanova Choreographer



Where is the line between memory and reality? Michele returns to his hometown “Rutunn’“, after many years and as an old man. Walking through the streets of his village he arrives at his old house, where memories emerge from the silence and dust: his son still young, his wife, music from another era and a terrace overlooking a limitless horizon. He sinks into the memory, he lives it as if it was all happening here and now.

Fabio Patrassi Director
Fabio Patrassi Writer
Image Hunters Producer
Giorgio Colangeli, Ludovico Tersigni, Anna Maria De Luca, Giorgia Palmucci Key Cast


Gen Z Mental Health: Climate Stories

In this short documentary, Gen Z’ers from around the globe talk about how climate change affects their mental health, life choices, & their visions for the future. The Gen Z’ers featured in this documentary are climate ambassadors in their community, fighting against the government for their rights and finding joy through community action.

They deal with the duality of feeling young and sometimes powerless, whilst being empowered by community action and the chance for real change. These young people share about their tools for emotional resilience in the face of climate change and the power of stories to deal with climate anxiety.

Tehya Jennett Director
Caroline Stella Producer
Sarah Newman Producer
Gregoire Labat Edtor
Maxfield Biggs Edtor
Laurel Tamayo Line Producer


The Hunt

15 years have passed since that violent night, and Xavier’s life is now idyllic.
But today, Boris is being released from prison, causing the mysterious events of that night to come rushing back to haunt Xavier. He decides to find and confront this man who was his friend in hopes of finding out the truth about that night and the nightmarish crime on which his current happiness was built.

yann Reuzeau Director
Yann Reuzeau Writer
Sophie Vonlanthen Producer
Sophie Vonlanthen, Frederic Andrau, Morgan Perez, Noémie Daiès, Emmanuel de Sablet, Meline Reuzeau Key Cast
Pamela Albarran DOP


Sama Dilaut

Forced to surrender their nomadic life, an indigenous community that once dwelled on houseboats for hundreds of years in the Sulu sea between Malaysia and the Philippines struggles to survive on land, facing limited resources and discrimination.

In a captivating journey, a community of nomadic sea gypsies, the Sama Dilaut, is discovered on the shores of Sabah, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Forced to leave their sea-dwelling life due to conflicts, environmental degradation, and the rise of commercial fishing, they face displacement, lack of basic human rights, and the harsh reality of statelessness. Amidst their struggle to survive and find one meal each day, they remain unaware of the looming threat that endangers their very existence—climate change.

Christine Ramos Director
Bing F Nellasca Writer
Rhadem Musawah Producer
Liza Florida Key Cast
Stephen Tujon Cinamatographer
Mikhail Pineda Editor
Nicole Bernice Limlengco Assistant Writer



Recurring dreams, death, a resonating name the keeps coming up…
Mr Bojac, widower since several months, feels like he’s losing his mind! These images are oppressing to him. He desperately tries to understand their meaning and feels out of strength!

Even Jo, who was brought here to help navigating the situation and find clarity, is going to involve him in a real psychological torment, and he will not spare him!

Monica De Almeida Director
Ludovic Dreyfuss Writer
Monica De Almeida Producer
Noellie Fantino Producer
Jérôme Sau, Ludovic Dreyfuss, Noellie Fantino, Greg Pedat Key Cast
Kevin Queille Music
Loïc Gourbe Sound


Electric Light Orchestra – Yours Truly

A film by Martinez Swystun and Magda Zalecka to the idea of Michal Marcinik.
Created in 2022 for song by from 1981.

The story of a relationship between a girl and a boy addicted to modern VR technology. But is it for sure?

Martinez Swystun Director
Magda Zalecka Director
Michal Marcinik Producer
Jessica Gladstone-Tuffney, Milo Max Burgess Producer



The mysteries of love and relationships boiled down to 90 seconds.

Angela Chen Director
Angela Chen Writer
Atsuko Okatsuka, Ryan Harper Gray, Towela Okwudire Key Cast



Based on true events. In northern Nigeria, thousands of young women are kidnapped annually and sold into sex trafficking. Only a few of them escape. This is the story of one of those women who escaped.

Ose Oyamendan Director
Ose Oyamendan Writer
Ose Oyamendan Producer
Tongryang Pantu Producer
Antonieta Kalunta, Adam Garba, Miwa Olorunfemi Key Cast


The City of Human Chess

After recovering from the pandemic, a small town in Northern Italy works collectively to revive Italy’s oldest chess tradition: a live human chess game.

Cecilia Albertini Director
Chandler Toffa Producer
Cecilia Albertini Producer



Haunted by what she has seen while carrying out humanitarian work with refugees in the Mediterranean and traumatised by her experiences, Mari returns to her parents’ coastal home in rural Suffolk. There, through an unlikely acquaintance, she discovers the medieval legend of the Merman. The truth behind this seemingly innocent myth is darker than Mari could imagine. Merman explores themes of prejudice and isolation against the breath-taking backdrop of the Suffolk coastal landscape. Mari finds herself questioning whether humanity will ever be accepting of outsiders or are they destined to suffer as the Merman did hundreds of years ago.

Madeleine Wynn Director
Madeleine Wynn Writer
Liz Cook Producer
Fiona Darrington Producer
Angela Hart Producer
Phil Davis, Alistair Petrie, Eleanor Grace, Lucy Scott, Danny Burford Key Cast



A special war story between honor and conscience about the German-Dutch officer Ludwig Mengelberg. When he is transferred to the Netherlands, he decides to help a family who has people in hiding. As a result, Mengelberg not only puts his own life at risk, but also that of the family and the people in hiding he is trying to help.

Thomas Nauw Director
Dennis Bots Director
Peter Nillesen Writer
Rob Camies Writer
Anton van de Koppel Producer
Peter Nillesen, Dirk Gunther Mohr, Andreas Lessig, Dennis van Ooyen, Ingrid Bisschop Bisschop, Gerhard Meijer, Kai Kolder, Berit van de Wouw Key Cast


Walking with M

Amidst an atmosphere of divisiveness, and growing fear between communities, Sri M (Mumtaz Ali) a Modern-Day Yogi, Spiritual Author, and Teacher, chooses peace over violence and takes up a 7500km padyatra which becomes the longest peace-march in history, reviving an old mission to re-kindle India’s ancient values of compassion, acceptance and human understanding. Through this journey, he and his co-walkers meet with people of all faiths and identities, walking 7500km across villages towns and cities, addressing the diverse Indian population to restore the idea of humanity amidst a violent socio-political atmosphere.
The film explores this genuine apolitical attempt for peace as key speakers and co-walkers from diverse backgrounds associated with the movement narrate their experiences with Sri M (Mumtaz Ali) on this incredibly challenging and complex journey walking across multiple terrains and weather conditions from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.
The film also traces the journey of how a silent grass-rooted movement, became the longest and the most inclusive peace-march in the modern world, by bringing together leaders and warring communities from different backgrounds and political leanings, on the same stage, which was received and loved by over 10million people across so many diverse communities through the Indian heartland.
Finally the film lays emphasis on the microcosmic idea of an inner-journey, by acceptance of ‘the other who is walking together’ which is reflected through the Walk of Hope movement itself, illustrating the necessity for a change of heart within the individual, the most critical catalyst for bringing socio-political change across the world.

Akash Sagar Chopra Director
Sri M (Mumtaz Ali), Harish Khare, Sharad Bhattatripad, Siddiq Wahid, Narayani Ganeshan, Yousser Lejmi, Balaji Kashyap, Venkatesh Natarajan, Radhakrishna Y.N., Ambika Rao, CV Kunhiraman, Col. Shekhawat, Shrikrishna Kulkarni, Ajay Kumar Singh, Prashant Thacker, Mrs. Archana Shekhawat As Herself, Shrikrishna G Kulkarni As Himself, Dr. Chandrakant Pandav As Himself, Jay Chandran As Himself, Bhavani Devi As Herself, Deepa Dogra As Herself, Mahender Borana As Himself, Padmaraj G.B. As Himself, Pranav Kumar As Himself Key Cast
Akash Sagar Chopra Producer
Moti Sagar Producer
Amrit Sagar Producer
Meenakshi Sagar Producer
Manish Desai Producer
Mahesh Mehta Producer
Jayant Sood Producer
Rangoli Agarwal Director of Photography
Akash Sagar Chopra Director of Photography
Anmol Karnik Director of Photography
Shanavas P.N. Director of Photography
Sijo George Director of Photography
Nikhil Varghese Director of Photography
Gurpal Singh Writer
Akash Sagar Chopra Editor
Priya Panda Editor
Viral Vajani Editor
Amrit Sagar Contributing Editors
Anmol Karnik Contributing Editors
Akash Sagar Chopra Animation Director
Devika Nagarkar Concept Art and Lead Painter
Sameer Dyer Illustration and Frame Color
Dipesh Upadhaya Excecutive Producer
The Satsang Foundation Archivals
Manav Ekta Mission Archivals
Shobha Reddy Archivals
Prakash Singade Additional Cinematography
Saurabh Jain Rig Operation
Sanjay Mishra Sound Recordist
Shantanu Akerkar Sound Designer
Dinesh Uchil Sound Designer
Siddhesh Sardesai Sound Editor
Ishwari Deshpande Assistant Sound Editor
Vinayak Gupta Assistant Sound Editor
Nazir Hamsa Poker Foley FX
Prallesh Nayak ADR & Foley Recordist
Chinmay Tipnis Asst. Mixing Engineer
Akash Sagar Chopra Music
Pankaj Awasthi “Sadho Dekho Jag Baurana” Performed by
Nine-V Post Color Services by
Nine-V Post Color Services by
Adee Sardali Colorists
June Tan Colorists
Praveena G Colorists
James Brooks Digital Intermediate Coordination
Jeff Kober Special Mention
Adelle Slaughter Special Mention
George Stelzner Special Mention
Naresh Raman Special Mention


Till I pass out

The story follows a path of a person whose life was shattered by war – she lost her home city, the home itself, and she loved one. She tries to find an answer to a question: how do you carry on with your life, and what for?

Kateryna Holovko Director
Vladyslav Kikhtenko Producer
Margarita Melnichuk cinematographer


Books Not Bombs

Whilst the war is raging in Ukraine, a group of educators are working to continue the education reform they strongly believe in.

They are facing several challenges: There were no funds to print the textbook, several authors had to stop because of the war, and those authors who are still working, are doing so under very challenging circumstances.

Stefano Di Pietro Director
Euroclio Producer


Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops

Subtitled in 32 languages and narrated by Richard Gere, Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops is a series of five short films, featuring twelve leading climate scientists, that explores how human-caused emissions are triggering nature’s own warming loops. We submit the five shorts to your festival (total 57:44) for screening of any or all of the films.

The film series had its official launch with the Dalai Lama, Greta Thunberg and world-renowned scientists in a webcast, “The Dalai Lama with Greta Thunberg and Leading Scientists: A Conversation on the Crisis of Climate Feedback Loops.”

While scientists stay up worrying about this most dangerous aspect of climate change, the public has little awareness or understanding of feedback loops. Climate change discussion at all levels of society largely leaves out the most critical dynamic of climate change itself. It is urgent we remedy this.

The first film in the series, Introduction (13:09), provides an overview of the feedback loop problem. The four other short films explore important climate feedback mechanisms: Forests (14:10), Permafrost (10:55), Atmosphere (8:45) and Albedo (10:35).

Greenhouse gases from fossil fuels, such as carbon dioxide and methane, are warming the planet. This warming is then setting in motion dozens of feedback mechanisms, which then feed upon themselves, as well as interact with each other and spiral further out of control. These processes are rapidly accelerating climate change.

An example of a climate feedback loop is the melting of the permafrost. In the Northern Hemisphere, permafrost makes up nearly 25% of the landmass. As heat-trapping emissions warm the Earth, this frozen tundra is melting. As it does, large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane are released, which further warm the planet, melting more permafrost in a self-perpetuating loop.

Human activity kicks off these feedback loops, but once set in motion, they become self-sustaining. The danger is that this process reaches a tipping point beyond which it is extremely difficult to recover. This is why it is urgent to reduce greenhouse gas emissions so we can slow, halt and even reverse these feedbacks and cool the planet.

Susan Gray Director
Bonnie Waltch Writer
Susan Gray Writer
Bonnie Waltch Producer
Barry Hershey Producer
Richard Gere Narration
Melanie Wallace Outreach Producer



A castaway and the ocean in a confrontational walz.

A castaway is trapped on a small sandbank. One day he digs a plastic masonry tub out of the sand and tries to escape the island with it. However, the sea has other plans and takes the castaway on a confrontational excursion.

Christa Moesker Director
Christa Moesker Writer
martin venema Producer



Think Pixar’s Bao meets A24’s Minari.

BENTOBOX is a short film written by Vic Hirakawa-Lee. It tells a story about Tim Benson, a ten-year old child of half Japanese-half American decent living with his immigrant mother, Okaasan, who prepares him lunches in the form of bentos. What she doesn’t know is that he’s teased and bullied for these lunches at school. Looking to run with the cool kids, Tim abandons his mother’s cooking and searches for American snacks to indulge on instead. With his father away overseas, Tim searches for his identity between his cultural Japanese household from the town he’s supposed to fit into, rejecting his mother entirely in the process.

Olivia Owyeung Director
Vic Hirakawa-Lee Writer
Vic Hirakawa-Lee Producer
Karin Okada, Riley Hashimoto Key Cast



The short documentary is about four young Ukrainian female students, who, together with 26 others, were brought from Kyiv to Amsterdam in March 2022 by a professor from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, so that they could complete their studies there and be safe. In the film, we explore the professor’s role and motivation and show the girl’s current lives in Amsterdam, while diving into the true meaning of ‘belonging’. The girls share their perspectives on what home means to them, (not) feeling at home, cultural differences, the feeling of guilt, everyday uncertainty and whether they can imagine a future in the Netherlands or where they think they actually belong.
The film is non-political. It aims to promote empathy and awareness within the audience and to make the viewer reflect on their own sense of belonging.

Michelle Traurig Director
Roos Cals Director
Roos Cals Writer
Michelle Traurig Writer
Michelle Traurig Producer
Roos Cals Producer
Alina Balon, Anna Hurina, Dasha Denysiuk, Dasha Hovorukha, Kilian Wawoe Key Cast



‘Whether it’s running a marathon, climbing a mountain, or simply making it through a difficult day, endurance is what enables people to persist and succeed. Without it, people would give up at the first sign of difficulty.

Endurance is a film about the power of perseverance and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of challenging circumstances.
It examines the journey of life itself, the physical and emotional aspects of endurance, exploring the ups and downs, the triumphs and failures, and the moments of joy and sorrow that define the human experience. A testament to the idea that with hard work, determination, and the inherent drive to keep going despite adversity, anything is possible.

Through the role of community and the support of others, this film aims to evoke a sense of wonder, hope, and renewal, encouraging audiences to embrace life’s journey with courage and determination.’

Imre van Opstal Director
Imre van Opstal Writer
Batsheva Dance Company Key Cast


Indo’s Silence

Three artists try to break the generational silence in their families about their colonial past in Dutch Indonesia.

Sven Peetoom Director
Juliette Dominicus Director
Dobber Bolhuis Producer


Traces of the Future – Herman van Doorn

Traces of the Future is a documentary portrait of Dutch photographer Herman van Doorn, who has been taking photos for over 40 years now. Herman specialised in architectural photography, but in recent years has concentrated more and more on expressing his own ideals through his photos.

One such undertaking is his work in Venice, where he is documenting traditional trades and workplaces, which are at risk of disappearing. Reasons include mass tourism and cheap ‘replicas’ of the traditional Venetian products.

Through his photos, Herman makes us question what we are busy with as individuals and as a society. The documentary is divided between his time in Venice and his time in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Apart from English, an Italian and a Dutch version are also available.

Suzanne van Leendert Director
Suzanne van Leendert Writer
Suzanne van Leendert (U&Eye Media Productions) Producer
Barry Mc Cabe Producer
Suzanne van Leendert Camera Venice
Daan Jongbloed Camera Utrecht
Suzanne van Leendert Camera Utrecht
Barry Mc Cabe Sound
Ozan Olçay Editing
Giulia Monteverde Italian Translation
Barry Mc Cabe,Suzanne van Leendert English Translation
André de Laat, Suzanne van Leendert Colour Correction
Ralph de Lange Audio Mix


An die Musik

“An die Musik” by Franz Schubert, performed by the Take 4 Guitar Quartet, in an original arrangement for guitars. A musical stroll through southern Europe.

Eric Vander Borght Director
Eric Vander Borght Writer
Eric Vander Borght Producer
Luc Vander Borght, Giorgio Albiani, Johan Fostier, Véronique Sulbout Key Cast



Four friends become unlikely bystanders to an incident of domestic violence.

Burak Oguz Saguner Director
Burak Oguz Saguner Writer
Emma Doxiadi Producer
Mert Guncuer Producer
Burak Oguz Saguner Producer
Selver Kınık Onurlu, Filiz Demiralp, Gursan Piri Onurlu, Mehmet Demiralp Key Cast



Lena’s estranged brother doubts her ability to carry on their mother’s legacy as the Toothfairy, forcing Lena to choose between her comfortable life or reconnecting with her brother by taking on this magical responsibility.

Lena has a smoke while she waits at the gate of a large estate. Her brother Edward opens the gate for her after they’ve been apart for a long time. They enter the house where their deceased mother is laid out—the reason for Lena’s return to the family manor. She left it behind long ago, but Edward stayed with their mother all this time. Together they must arrange a funeral and deal with something way more important: Lena’s inheritance of her mother’s responsibilities. She will have to become the new Toothfairy, collecting children’s baby teeth as has happened for generations. Lena is not amused by this new task, which strains the relationship between her and Edward.
Reluctantly, Lena puts on the tooth fairy’s dress and tries out the work, to no avail. She feels little responsibility for the job, partly due to becoming estranged from her mother over the years.
Tensions rise between brother and sister with the upcoming funeral as they risk permanently losing each other.

Karlijn Koel Director
Jelle Tigchelaar Writer
Ferdi Çelik Producer
Willemijn de Jonge, Fokke Baarssen Key Cast
Luuk de Kok Director of Photography
Maarten in ‘t Hout Editor
Rob Peters Composer
Emma van Loon Production Design
Daan Moerkens Sound Design & mixage
Thijs Buwalda Sound Design & mixage
Madelief Blanken Casting



Nick and Bianca have been trying to make it work as a couple. They have both changed who they are to appear more likeable to the other person and have lost themselves along the way. Nick and Bianca have turned into everything they think makes them good people (vegan, recycling, climate-friendly) for all the wrong reasons. Both are pretending to be happy in this absolutely miserable relationship. Their world of make-believe comes crashing down when an egg appears on the kitchen table of this strictly vegan household.

Shot in Limerick, Ireland.
Dutch Synopsis and logline available. Dutch and English subtitles for accessibility available.

Natasja Schaafsma Director
Natasja Schaafsma Writer
Ian Brew, Natasja Schaafsma, Conor O Dwyer Key Cast
Shane Gerard Sound Recordist
Conor O Dwyer Production Assistant
Mij Al Hajri DOP
Mij Al Hajri Editing


Up Close Again

Melanie drives a taxi in Amsterdam. She likes the work for the independence and freedom it offers her, and generally she likes interacting with her passengers. But on this night she picks up someone she knows. Dennis, who she was once intimate with but who went way too far and abused her trust and her body. In the safety of her own cab Melanie seizes the opportunity to have a conversation she would otherwise never have dared to initiate. A conversation about boundaries, about consent, about differing interpretations of the same evening.

Kristjan Knigge Director
Alice Eefting Writer
Frank van den Heuvel Producer
Alice Eefting, Ayrton Kirchner, Esther van der Werf, Key Cast
Luuk de Kok Cinematography
Nick Verschoor Music
Jessy Pérukel Edit



A man on his deathbed is mysteriously called into the vast fields and rolling hills of the Unknown. With only an oxygen tank and a dog clicker, he must take one final journey to encounter his long lost love, and finally free himself from his past.

Andrés Emedan Director
Andrés Emedan Writer
Andrés Emedan Producer
Kyu Jin Jang Producer
Russ Consaul, Sean Michael Conway, H. Lynn Pai, Mary Huff Key Cast


Dog Run

A silent man is lifted out of a life of exploitation through an unexpected bond with guard dog, Sabre, and the healing power of nature.

Lorna Nickson Brown Director
Lorna Nickson Brown Writer
Lorna Nickson Brown Producer
Dom Riley Producer
Sid Phoenix Key Cast
Paula Wharton Key Cast
Galina Chakarova Editor
Lorena Pagès Cinematography
Mea Carter Production Design
Jake Fielding Sound
Tim Cavagin Sound
Joseph Nickson Visual Effects
Jonathan Escoto Brown Music
Tom Lucy Stunts


Weavers of Patan

“Weavers of Patan” is a captivating short documentary set in the ancient city of Patan, India. This film explores the 500-year-old art of Mashru weaving, which is being kept alive by the last generation of weavers. Through intimate storytelling, viewers witness the daily lives of one of the families from Patan, their dedication to their craft, and the cultural significance they uphold. As the weavers create intricate textiles, the film reveals their struggles and triumphs in preserving their heritage. “Weavers of Patan” is a call to action, shedding light on the importance of protecting endangered crafts and their role in cultural preservation. This heartfelt tribute invites audiences to cherish tradition and recognize the impact of individual efforts in safeguarding our shared heritage.



Non-Standard Errors 2: Bigger and Even Less Standard

Professor Albert J. Menkveld and comedian Sammy Obeid meet again.

Andra Tevy Director
David Stolin Writer
David Stolin Producer
Albert J. Menkveld, Sammy Obeid Key Cast



A small film adaption of the screenplay ‘Fear’ written by Greg Nelson.

John Kearey Director
Greg Nelson Writer
Michael Connelly Producer
Lorna Wijma, Elske Toot Key Cast


1 2 3 Red light, Green light

Grandpa capybara traveled from South America to Taiwan in Asia. He likes the life of soaking in hot springs in the forest, and his grandchild Gogou likes Taiwanese food.
Taiwan is one of the best places in the world for hot springs, and Grandpa has traveled from the south to the north to soak in all kinds of hot springs, cold springs, and turbid springs. they walking and walking, Gogou often gets hit by the fruit, which came from trees planted by predecessors; soaking and soaking, the grandpa capybara and grandchild capybara seeing that the forest is getting smaller and smaller, and the homeland is in jeopardy…
“1 2 3 Red light, Green light”, Look back and see who moved? A global citizen must see, nobody can avoid it.
This is an animated movie that cares for the ecology and blood ties, and is inseparable from our lives.——Nternational Animation Awards Winning Director Chen Liang Yu
Scenarist-director, drawn, dubbed, soundtracked, independent production.

This film is part of Chen Liang Yu’s ecological art series, echoing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Director Biography – Liangyu Chen
Liangyu Chen Director
Liangyu Chen Writer
Liangyu yu Producer
Capybara Grandpa, Capybara Grandson, Real Grandpa, Real Grandson Key Cast


Fever Dream

Young adult Mees decides to move to his grandmother in a village for his recovery. His search for rest turns out not to be as peaceful as he had hoped: Small events unleash a new psychosis, in which the line between madness and reality blurs. This film takes you inside Mees’ confusing reality and, in doing so, aims to create understanding of this common mental state.

Corne Kosse Key Cast
Roman Hageman Director
Sam Tengbergen Writer
Roman Hageman Writer
Carla Wolbers Producer
Jetze Koper Executive Producer
Mirte de Bruijne Executive Producer
Martijn Pot Director of Photography
Ina van Beek 1st A.D.
Geert Gritter Sound
Peter Reese Gaffer
Lisa van den Berg Production Design
Yvonne Dijkstra Production Design
Diana de Boer Hair, Make-up & Costume
Roeland Dijksterhuis Edit
Renger Koning Music
Bas Metz Sound Design
Wart Wamsteker Mixing and dialogue edit


Sagarmatha Next

A small organization of local Sherpa set out to solve the problem of waste management around Mt. Everest. Facing an explosive expansion of tourism in the last few decades, they work to turn the tide of trash and plastic from the mountains – one visitor at a time.

Martin Ivar Edström Director
Martin Ivar Edström Writer
Fredrik Ivar Edström Producer
Pemba Gyalzen Sherpa, Dawa Yangzum Sherpa, Ang Dorjee Sherpa, Key Cast
Conrad Anker Voice
Oliver Akermo Director of Photography
Oliver Akermo Color
Mimmi Muskos Color
Oliver Akermo Editor
Oliver Akermo Audio mix


Entgen Luyten’s Executioner

1674 Limbricht. An authority-fearing executioner tortures an alleged witch in hearings to force her to confess. When he becomes convinced of her innocence, his understanding of duty collapses.

Gideon van Eeden Director
Gideon van Eeden Writer
Dave Damon Producer
Martijn Daamen Producer
CineSud Producer
Mitchell Havelaar, Kiki van Aubel, Lucas Tavernier, Timo Mommers, Rufus Hegeman, Martijn Daamen Key Cast
Robert M. Berger (NSC) Director of Photography
Robin Reuvekamp 1st AC
Menno Habets 2nd AC
Mario Dirkx Gaffer
Leard Muriqi Best Boy
Milan Porter Lighting Assistant
Ivo Bemelmans Sound Recordist
Dave Damon 1st AD
Marieke van de Sanden Script Continuity
Kim Hotterbeekx Art Director
Dionne Blokland Set Dresser
Veerle Houben Assistant Art Director
Merel van der Lande MUA
Inez Coonen Wardrobe Designer
Eron Sheean Set Builder
Marie Lormeau Health & Safety Officer
Niels Hollands Location Manager
Sarah de Ruiter PA
Nino Valcq Runner
Jens Smeets BTS
Martijn Daamen Post Production Managers
Gideon van Eeden Post Production Managers
Jelle Helwig Editor
Hans Neels Sound Design
Stan van den Baar Sound Design
Ruud Hermans Composer
Jelle Helwig Composer


Why We Run

The story of 16 teenagers who learnt about domestic violence attempted to run 1000km in one night for survivors.

Cameron Cliff Director
Amy Cook Producer
Cameron Cliff Producer
Mark Roberton Key Cast



Beyond the concepts of monstruous and devine a reverse creation explored

Nevena Nikolova Director
Petar Gerzilov Director
Nevena Nikolova Producer
Petar Gerzilov Producer
Viktoriya Sirakova, Isabel Mitkova, Ksenia Bakalova Key Cast
Marion Darova Choreography
Miglena Marinova Editing
Veselin Menkadjiev Cinematography
Alexander Evtimov Sound design and score
Petar Gerzilov Light Design
Raya Karpacheva Costume Design




Juliette van Ardenne Director
Juliette van Ardenne Writer
Juliette van Ardenne Producer
Juliette van Ardenne, Juliette Van ardenne Key Cast


Note of Defiance

Filmed in early 2023, on the Ukrainian-Russian border, this short documentary explores two artists’ use of their creativity and art as a means of cultural survival and defiance.

In Kharkiv, Ukraine; attacks on civilian centres have forced cultural sites to close. The Kharkiv State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is one of the biggest cultural sites in the city forced to close due to these attacks.

Two inspiring artists move continue to provide concerts and lessons anywhere they can; from parking garages to bomb shelters.

Through powerful interviews, we learn of the unique challenges artists have faced during this conflict. From censorship and persecution, to displacement and trauma. The film concludes with emotional performance, where two disciplines of violin and dance are brought together in the theatre for the first time in nearly a year.

Brian Henderson Director
Brian Henderson Writer
Dan Borrelli Writer
Brian Henderson Producer
Dan Borrelli Producer
Holly Adams Producer
Meredith Rodriguez Producer



Suzie believed that returning to her community will make herself a true being. This is a story mesmerized by commercial-look visual and satire script motif of The Ugly Duckling and gireogi family.

Jieun Park Director
Jieun Park Writer
Gabriel Figueiredo Writer
Ana Sarem, Sarra Brahmi, Mirela Gashi, Paul Morris, Cecil Carty Producer
Jieun Park Producer


Deafening Silence

A small suburban family gets struck by tragedy. Since both parents do not know how to cope with the loss of their eldest son, it is ultimately up to their 11-year-old deaf daughter Magdalena and her fairy-tale book, to start the healing process.

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