Camilla Basso (Italy)

”I like politics, art, and society. For this reason, I am currently following a Master in International Relations at Leiden University.
The Hague Global Cinema Festival represents a great opportunity to enjoy the combination of art and society through movies, while looking at how cultural themes are interpreted in different parts of the world.”

Pim Bastiaansen (The Netherlands)

26 years old Dutch student of Leiden University. Currently following a master in Bio Pharmaceutical Sciences.
”The first thing I noticed and loved when I moved to the Hague was the international vibe that surrounds the city. There are a lot of people from different countries living here, which contributes to the city’s cultural affluence. This vast cultural affluence is especially present at the Hague Global Cinema Festival, where people from all around the world come together and share their passion for movies!”

Angelo Sfriso (Italy)

I like art and music. I play the saxophone and I am passionate about art exhibitions.
I am a software engineer, which gives me the possibility to challenge myself every day and learn from other people’s perspectives, which is what I am going to do at The Hague Global Cinema Festival.

Olesea Becu (Moldova)

I am an international living and working in The Hague and I am very excited to put my project and event management skills to work and contribute to the first edition of The Hague Global Cinema Festival. As a lover of visual arts I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about the art of filmmaking, challenge my own views and meet new people who share the same passion.


Kaja Flieder (Germany)

Kaja, a German student of History at the Leiden University, has keen interest in filmmaking and how societal, cultural and political issues are discussed in cinema. She is looking forward to volunteer at The Hague Global Cinema Festival and meet other people interested in these topics

Nicole Graf (Mexico)

“I am a graduate from the Bachelor in Audiovisual Arts at the University of Guadalajara. Filmmaking is for me a way to express emotions, points of view and current social and cultural conflicts in an empathic way. It is always a pleasure to find communities that want to share and learn through film.”

Veronika Puškašová (Slovakia)

“I’m a student of politics but I’ve always gravitated more towards all things creative. My filmmaking role model is Agnes Varda. I’m now looking to meet like-minded people from the field and potentially start my own creative journey in photography and writing.”

Sanne Buter (The Netherlands)

“I currently work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague and I love the international environment that comes with the job. Interacting with people from different cultures is a lot of fun and we can learn a lot from each other, which is also what got me interested in this year’s Global Cinema Festival. Together with that it gives me a great opportunity to develop skills in another thing I love to do, graphic design.”

Fiona Hughes (UK)

“I’m originally from the UK and have lived in The Netherlands for nearly 6 years. I love the international vibe of The Hague, and enjoy walking in the parks and running in the dunes. I’m excited to meet new people and explore new cultures at The Hague Global Cinema Festival.”

Abel Bekele Assefa (Ethiopia)

“I am Abel,  a civil engineer from Ethiopia. Right now I am studying for my MBA  in The Hague. By volunteering for the The Hague Global Cinema Festival I hope to contribute positively to the city I live in. In the meantime, I also plan to build my professional as well as social network.”

Lu Dai (China)

“I always feel surrounded by the vivid art and culture atmosphere in Netherlands for 7 years I am living here. “Explore Cultures” is a wonderful theme to be discussed for the global cinema festival. I find filmmaking such an interesting means to depict stories and express thoughts, not to mention the creative space it leaves for styles and technologies. I am very excited to explore the topics and what’s behind the scenes. I look forward to meeting people sharing the same interests!”

Ranchun Wang (China)

“I am studying Law at Leiden University. Film is one of my hobbies, I love to learn about the stories and characters in the films. I am very happy to be a volunteer at The Hague Global Film Festival, where I meet friends from various countries. I also like the life in The Hague, such a cosmopolitan city.”

Mutiat Yusuff Akinlabi (Nigeria)

“I am Mutiat, From Nigeria, an Insurance Professional and Businees Analyst.

I have lived in The Hague  for almost 2 years and I have enjoyed every bit of my stay.

Volunteering is my way of contributing my quota to the city that welcomed me with open arms. I am excited to be part of THGCF family. “

Martyna Kret (Poland)

I moved to The Netherlands half a year ago from Poland. I love the way movies can tell a story and take us to another place, another world. I am very happy to become a part of this creative community here in Den Haag!

Michael Adriel Darmawan (Indonesia)

I’m from Indonesia, and currently studying Business IT in The Netherlands. Cinema has always been something that I really admire, not only as an entertainment, but also as a medium of social and cultural expression. I’m really excited to be a part of this year’s The Hague Global Cinema Festival and meet a lot of people from different countries and cultures who share the same interest in cinema.”

Lena Besarab (Ukraine)

“I work in the semiconductor industry, so my typical working days are revolving around technologies. For me, The Hague Global Cinema Festival is a chance to get immersed into a different world! And I am looking forward to helping others to experience this event!”

Ernest Constantine (Indonesia)

“I’m a young professional working in IT. Before moving to the Netherlands for a job last year, I studied for 2,5 years in Italy. Recently I moved to The Hague and immediately fell in love with the city. There is so much to do and the vibes are very international and friendly. I would like to volunteer in this event to give back the positive vibes that this city gave to me, and also to take the opportunity to be part of something that I’m always interested in: art, culture, music, and independent film.”

Narcisa Panaite (Romania)

“I’m Narcisa from Romania, finishing my Master’s in Human Geography in Nijmegen and very recently moved to The Hague. I’m excited to meet people and hear their stories, either in person, in films or any form of art, so THGCF seems like the perfect place to be.”

Jelle Triemstra (The Netherlands )

“I was born in The Netherlands 35 years ago, but travelled a lot. I am working for the HRM department for a ministry in Holland. I love movies and documentaries from around the world and love the idea that a whole world of people and movies from everywhere is coming together in this Festival where I will be a volunteer this year. Hope to see you there!”

Anna Zwettler (Germany)

“Growing up in Germany and the United States, I’ve been calling The Netherlands home for the past four years. Since before starting my master’s in journalism, I have valued the role that video storytelling and filmmaking can play in shedding light on otherwise overlooked experiences and cultures. I’m excited to be part of this edition of THGCF, not only to meet a lot of cool people from all over the world, but also to contribute to the festival by doing something that I love – video editing.”

Dick Blom (The Netherlands)

“I’m from The Hague where I still live and have worked for various employers in the international law community, meeting and teaching law students from Europe . I am retired now but in my last job I managed a law library during the daytime but I was also the event photographer for the many courses and meetings which took place in the institute in the day and night time.

It so happens that another passion of mine is film and everything related to that wonderful field. So when I saw an ad for a photographer for theThe Hague Global Cinema Festival I jumped at the chance of combining these two passions and now wait for the

magic words ‘Roll camera !’  “

Laura Duque (Colombia)

“I’m originally from Colombia and recently moved to The Hague to pursue a master’s degree in Development Studies at The International Institute of Social Studies. In my free time, I enjoy watching films and learning about different cultures. It is for this reason that I am excited to volunteer at The Hague Global Cinema Festival. I look forward to meeting other international volunteers and connecting with fellow filmgoers!”

Bas Vogel (The Netherlands)

“I’m a Civil Engineer working as Freelancer living near Rotterdam, The Netherlands with a passion for music, movies and photography. I love the niche and off beat movies which often happen to be foreign movies. This festival gives me the opportunity to meet the makers, possibly gain an insight in their way of thinking and make them a contribution with my photography, giving my art a purpose.”

Elena Grigore (Romania)

“I am an International Business student. I’m staying in The Hague for almost two months and I think the best way to get to know more people and the city is to volunteer at The Hague Global Cinema Festival. I have volunteered before and I have many memorable memories of that and I am ready to build some memories from this festival and to meet people from different countries.”

Marcus van Soest (The Netherlands)

”Born in The Hague, living in the harbour of Scheveningen. Artist by profession, painter of weird art.

I was looking for a volunteer job, when I noticed The Hague Global Cinema Festival was searching for photographers.

I instantly decided to apply, being a passionate movie lover.

To me this is an opportunity to be able to work in an international team of cinema enthusiasts and to use my experience in photography for this wonderful project.”

Bianca Sirbu (Romania)

“I am Bianca from Romania and I am enrolled in European Studies. I recently moved to The Netherlands and I am excited to meet new people and find out more about this beautiful city, so I figured The Hague Global Cinema is a great opportunity for me. I am really excited to get into this new experience!”

Beatrice Piovan (Italy)

Beatrice is an accomplished Sr.Project/Program Manager with more than 15 years experience in Telecommunications and Consultancy corporations. She has been living in The Netherlands since 2008, appreciating the combination of history and modernity that the Country offers. She is passionate about architecture, art, ballet and literature. Volunteering for The Hague Global Cinema Festival is a natural step towards integrating her cultural interests and the surrounding plurality of cultures.

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