Camilla Basso (Italy)

”I like politics, art, and society. For this reason, I pursued a Master’s in International Relations at Leiden University.
International Film Festival The Hague represents a great opportunity to enjoy the combination of art and society through movies while looking at how cultural themes are interpreted in different parts of the world.”

Pim Bastiaansen (The Netherlands)

A master’s degree holder in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences based in The Hague.
”The first thing I noticed and loved when I moved to the Hague was the international vibe that surrounds the city. There are a lot of people from different countries living here, which contributes to the city’s cultural affluence. This vast cultural affluence is especially present at the International Film Festival The Haguel, where people from all around the world come together and share their passion for movies!”

Angelo Sfriso (Italy)

I like art and music. I play the saxophone and I am passionate about art exhibitions.
I am a software engineer, which gives me the possibility to challenge myself every day and learn from other people’s perspectives, which is what I am going to do at the International Film Festival The Hague.

Olesea Becu (Moldova)

Olesea is a lawyer who lives in The Hague. She has been supporting this event since the first edition, utilizing her project and event management skills. Additionally, she has contributed as an anchor and Q&A moderator during the film screenings, displaying an excellent understanding of international cinema. As a lover of visual arts, she looks forward to the opportunity to learn more about the art of filmmaking, challenge her own views, and meet new people who share the same passion. The management of the IFFH appreciates and recognizes Olecea’s continuous contribution since 2019.

Veronika Puškašová (Slovakia)

“I’m a student of politics but I’ve always gravitated more towards all things creative. My filmmaking role model is Agnes Varda. I’m now looking to meet like-minded people from the field and potentially start my own creative journey in photography and writing.”

Mutiat Yusuff Akinlabi (Nigeria)

“I am Mutiat, From Nigeria, an Insurance Professional and Business Analyst.

I have lived in The Hague for almost 3 years and I have enjoyed every bit of my stay.

Volunteering is my way of contributing my quota to the city that welcomed me with open arms. I am excited to be part of IFFH family. “

Narcisa Panaite (Romania)

“I’m Narcisa from Romania, finishing my Master’s in Human Geography in Nijmegen and very recently moved to The Hague. I’m excited to meet people and hear their stories, either in person, in films or any form of art, so THGCF seems like the perfect place to be.”

Bas Vogel (The Netherlands)

“I’m a Civil Engineer working as Freelancer living near Rotterdam, The Netherlands with a passion for music, movies and photography. I love the niche and off beat movies which often happen to be foreign movies. This festival gives me the opportunity to meet the makers, possibly gain an insight in their way of thinking and make them a contribution with my photography, giving my art a purpose.”

Julián Espinosa

He is a Colombian journalist and videographer passionate about telling stories through video for digital platforms. He lives in The Hague, a multicultural city where has ` found opportunities for creative growth and new personal challenges. He is a film enthusiast and enjoys connecting with new people from different cultures within this industry.

Nina Grigorova (Bulgaria)

“I am a recent International Creative Business graduate and a film lover. I was thrilled upon discovering the opportunity to participate in the International Film Festival of The Hague because I love connecting with other creative individuals and being in an atmosphere where we can all learn from each other. Moreover, the magic of moviemaking is in the air in such places and that is always a source of inspiration for me.”

Julia Murphy (Canada)

“My passion for discovering how others experience the world has led me to studying International Social Work. I am excited to be a part of IFFH, as I love that film gives us the opportunity to explore peoples lived experiences.”

Vipul Kelkar (India)

“I am an IT professional and a keen photographer, originally from India. I am passionate about travelling, telling stories through photographs and exploring new places and cultures. I am looking forward to meeting people, discussing ideas and contributing to make IFFH successful.”

Ahlem Mergui (Algeria)

My name is Ahlem and i am originally from Algeria. I lived in Ukraine before as an international student, and then moved to France. Now, I live in the Netherlands. I am an English teacher by profession, and i do like trying other jobs as a part timer to discover myself more. In my free time, I love watching movies . I think volunteering in the Hague Film festival is an excellent opportunity to discover the world of Cinema. In addition, i will be able to meet new people and learn from them.”

Malika Lazaar (France)

“Born and raised in Paris, France, with a French and Moroccan background, I am living in The Netherlands a bit more than 15 years.
Having an international working experience in the United Nations in International Criminal Law, my real passion is Cinema ! As far as I can remember and even as a little girl, my love for movies was unlimited.
I participate to debate, chat groups, I write critics and present movies, and I am currently in a process of writing a scenario.
I am very enthusiastic about the idea of sharing with all the participants of this festival, my humble knowledge and moreover my passion about movies.”

Vlada Moiseenkova (Russia)

“I am a graduate of the Masters in Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam. I have a passion for art and film, with both being a way of expression, education, and bringing people together. I am looking forward to learn from and contribute to the International Film Festival The Hague and I am eager to be surrounded by the community.”

Quentin Gaillard (France)

“I’m a student at Leiden University in International Studies, but I’ve always loved cinema and creative work in general. This festival is a great opportunity for me, to enter this amazing world of film making and also participate in a creative way in this journey, through photography. Also, this event is a way for me to meet people who share the same interest in cinema.’

Anouk Vasse (The Netherlands)

“I’m Anouk, I’m in my first year studying leisure and event management. I need to do industry experiences so that i can learn more about the work field. And I think that International Film Festival The Hague is a great opportunity for me to learn more about organizing an event.”

Caroline Danac (France)

“I am a French and Spanish teacher at a British school near the Hague. I have a real passion for international cinema and love the diversity in outlook that each culture brings. Watching a film is like stepping into a universe, a life that we might never experience otherwise and this is something that I find exceptional. I am very communicative and sociable and I am looking forward to helping out during this great event.”

Salma Sabri (Morocco)

“I moved to The Netherlands a year ago. Excited to meet people from different cultures and hear their stories. Looking forward to this edition of IFFH.”

Rangelle Pichay (Ireland)

“As an interdisciplinary Master’s graduate, I am intrigued by the potential of storytelling as a powerful tool for advocacy. I am eager to be part of IFFH’s international and diverse team and community, where I can learn and grow while contributing to a mission I am passionate about.”

Reema Deodhar ( India)

” I love traveling, and I am passionate about art, music, and dancing. I believe connecting with new people who share the same interests can lead to some amazing experiences and learning opportunities. I am very easygoing and friendly. This is a good opportunity for me to contribute, explore, and learn from people and make this event a success.

Nadine Zielonke (Germany)

“Sitting in a movie theater means to me to be touched, entertained, challenged, blown away and surprised. I’m excited to volunteer at the IFFH as the festival helps movies from around the world to bring all of those emotions to the big screen in The Hague.”

Martyna Woźniak (Poland)

“I was born and raised in Poland. I have graduated Law in the University of Gdansk. I came to Netherlands one year ago. My dream is to become a photojournalist and humanitarian. I believe International Film Festival The Hague is an amazing opportunity to learn about creativity and passion. I am also looking forward to hearing stories from artists and fellow volunteers.”

Annie Lofts (The United Kingdom)

I’m a teacher from the UK with a Masters degree in Film Studies and have been working at an international school in The Hague for 2 years. I have always been fascinated by how cinema can be used as a tool for promoting empathy across cultures and, having volunteered at various film festivals in the past, I’m looking forward to joining the IFFH team and contributing to a creative and curious atmosphere.

Liisa Lehtmets (Estonia)

“As an Estonian student pursuing a degree in Leisure and Events Management in Breda, I’m fueled by a deep passion for the event industry and its transformative power. I’m thrilled to be a part of The International Film Festival The Hague and am looking forward to becoming fully immersed in this exciting global cinematic event and supporting its goal of using the magic of film to convey love and awareness around the world.”

Apala Bagchi (The Netherlands)

“I am finishing my master’s in Clinical Psychology and I am very excited to learn about and contribute to such a wonderful cultural event. I have always found movies to be an incredibly compelling form of storytelling and I am looking forward to share this passion with people at the International Film Festival The Hague.”

Anna Krochmal (Poland)

“I am a finance professional, originally from Poland. In my free time I like watching movies, reading, walking in the nature, meeting with friends and solving puzzles.
I think the IFFH is a great initiative that can broaden the perspective on various cultures and people. I am looking forward to being a part of the volunteer team!”

Samuele Suma (Italy)

An Italian photographer on the loose in the streets of Amsterdam, Samuele has embarked on the photographic journey since 2015 when he was still a philosophy student. Now he tries to capture the essence of every moment through the lens of his camera. One of his shots was recently published in a magazine of street and documentary photography.

Vanessa Ajazi (Italy)

“I’m Vanesa, I’m from Italy and I moved to Rotterdam to study forensic and legal psychology. I describe myself as someone did some years ago: ‘lots of different parts all together that alone may not make sense, but somehow they are complementary’. Some of those parts are: cinema, travelling and people. I like asking questions, finding answers by interecting with people, reading or by watching international movies. The International Film Festival The Hague represents all these parts for me.”

Bárbara Luksevicius (Brazil)

“I’m a traveler passionate about arts and culture who likes to pursue stories that connect us all. Finding people with the same interests is always a great way to create a community and share great moments. So, nothing better than chasing great stories while making new ones with the IFFTH team”

Lisheng Jiang (China)

“I came to the Netherlands to pursue my master’s degree. After graduation, I worked as a landscape designer in The Hague. Recently, I decided to change my career path and specialize in spatial analysis for climate change. In my free time, I enjoy being in nature, walking, taking photos, watching birds, or just doing nothing. I’m currently volunteering at The International Film Festival The Hague, where I welcome film lovers from all over the world. It’s a unique opportunity for me to combine my passion for photography with meeting new people.”

Karin Fleming (USA)

“I’m an American-Belgian expat who recently relocated to The Hague. I’m an avid photographer, and am looking forward to contributing to IFFH and joining this active creative community”.

Paulina Salas Ruiz (Ecuador)

Paulina is a film director, scriptwriter, photographer and producer. Her curiosity and love for films and stories have taken her to further places around the globe where she worked in variety of film projects as well as a film curator and consultant/jury for film and theatre festivals. Her interest in discovering new stories led her to create a short filmfestival in Shanghai-China and subsequently the establishment of KanKan Media a platform topromote film-makers and visual artists worldwide.

Rafael Descanes (Spain

“I’ve been a photographer for the last 8 years, but creating has always been my passion.
I started this journey out of my love for cinema, so taking photos for IFFH is an exciting experience for me.”

Marietta Csosz (Hungary)

“My safe place is the cinema. I can always feel at home when I enter a cinema, especially if it’s an authentic and artistic cinema with movies from all around the world. As I recently moved to the Netherlands, I’m trying to find my way to feel at home, therefore being part of the International Film Festival is one of my means to do so.”

Le Phuong (Vietnam)

“I’m a media and culture student at the University of Amsterdam. To me, films are not just another reality that we created but also the world we’re living in, which directly impacts and inspires each of us. Being a part of IFFH is a great opportunity for me and other passionate individuals to gain new experiences and learn from such a diverse and creative community.”

Cláudia da Silva (Portugal)

Cláudia is a passionate writer and photographer, who experiences her travels as an invaluable opportunity for self-development.
Originally from Portugal, she has always been fascinated by the diversity of human beings, their cultures, and interactions.
Through her many adventures, she fell in love with the art of photography, as she understood the true value of the old adage: “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Alma Cazacu (Romania)

Alma is a freelance motion designer & producer. She is cheerful with tints of dark humour. Alma has a BA in film editing at UNATC in Bucharest, Romania & post grad studies diploma as a post-production artist at the NFTS in Beaconsfield, UK. She is working in various areas like advertising, film, visual art or theatre through her own studio. She lives in The Hague, Netherlands.

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